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Please start working on integration with HomeKit for iOS!

Homekit Integration





Apple is adding an API for schedules. It would be nice if iOS8 would red-Flag watering days that occur on activities inour schedules, ie Holidays, (4th of July anyone), or other scheduled events. We’ve all all had that watering day mishap occur at the occaissional event, and the timer gets gets overlooed in all of the other planning going on. Just saying.


Plus 1! Would love to be able to tell Siri “water Zone 1 for 15 minutes” and have it done.


I’ll add my vote for Homekit integration, just think about the doors this will open and possibilities for exposure you could get.


Another vote for Homekit!


+1 for this. Big time!




@alexrodriguez‌ @brm51‌ @Bschwart‌ @lwcomdeco @coreymcl‌ @bobcats9498‌ @Wildcatz_1 @rgreenpc Integrations are another high priority item on our list. Our APIs have been built to make all of these possible.


Franz, thats what we were all hoping for and looks like (if Homekit is one of them) that you’ve put another solid check in the IRO box ! Thanks


Is your API going to be public?


@rgreenpc‌ Our current plan involves integrating with all of the popular platforms and connected initiatives. At that point we will look at exposing a set of public APIs. Thanks for your questions and feedback!


From what I have read through the dev page on homekit, the device requires specific hardware requirements to support HomeKit.

Are you able to disclose if The Rachio iro contains the needed components; or are you only saying the future support of homekit (with possible future product updates) will support it? @franz


@alexmack You are correct. HomeKit will require specific hardware components that are not in our current hardware. When HomeKit was first announced last year we weren’t sure as to how the integration would take place. But, we have learned what you have learned and it will indeed require an update to our hardware. We don’t yet have plans to explore this with the current hardware.

Hope that helps, let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks and have a great day!

Home Automation System Support besides Wink

I really appreciate your honest answer. That clarifies things quite a bit.

+1 for future Homekit hardware support. :slight_smile:


Hi Franz,

If you want an inexpensive wifi/MCU/mfi solution with home kit software I can help you. We have created an inexpensive Qualcomm qca4002 + Freescale k22 + mfi + home kit software solution. I work for arrow elections in Denver, but on here as a consumer. I can meet this week if you like.



@thepro8 Thanks for the heads up, I’ll PM you for more information.



With all the Homekit announcements lately is there anything that Rachio would like to share? :slight_smile: I’m going to preorder a new Ecobee almost immedately. Rachio? Huh? huh? :smile:


Hi @InmatesRunThePlace. We still don’t yet have plans to update our current hardware to support HomeKit. We’ll look to see how things shake out with the launch and prioritize any upgrade from there. I hope this helps.