Hunter Rain Clik on Rachio2 issues

I installed the Rain Clik sensor and kept getting my watering times delayed for over 2 weeks while I was out of town. I live in Southern Cal so it only rained 1 time during the window. When I looked at the Device updates I see a lot of entries showing Rain sensor activated and then deactivated. I called Hunter and Rachio support and neither could give me an answer. I finally just disabled it on my Rachio.

It is a wireless unit.

Side note, when the inspector came out to verify that I had the Rachio installed and working for my rebate he commented that it was the 1st time he had seen a rain sensor installed on someone’s house in Southern Cal. :smile: We get so much rain here…

@jnyphoto, sorry to hear you’re having issues with your rain sensor. From what you experienced, I believe you might have a wiring issue that should be easy to fix.

Usually the power leads get wired incorrectly with wireless sensors.

Sorry the advice given on your support calls didn’t help. Can you send us a photo of your current wiring to review? Once we can review your current wiring, I think we can track down the issue pretty quickly.

Thanks, Emil

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Thanks @jnyphoto,

Looks like we just need to move a few wires around.

On the Generation 1 controller, the Hunter Rain Clik is wired as follows:

The Generation 2 controller should be wired as follows:

The wires on the Hunter Rain Clik are a bit confusing (don’t need the orange wire):

As such, your wiring should be:
S1: Blue
S2: None
SC: Yellow + White
SP: Yellow

Hope this helps!


Support reached out to me on Friday and gave me the same info.

Thank you.

It appears to be working fine.